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What would it mean for you if you could earn money with your own blog? For example, that you earn 3000 euros every month by blogging from home or during a world trip. An ideal revenue model to set up in corona time!

This is how I combine online work and travel. So location independent. It will come as no surprise that ‘just’ digital nomads earn their money from blogging. After all, they travel a lot and can write about it. Travel blogging is therefore one of the most popular niches/topics for a blog.

With blogging, you can earn a full-time income from home or while traveling around the world. Many bloggers have already proven that. However, that income often depends on the techniques used to earn money. That is why in this article I share a number of ways to make money with your own blog. Whether you already have a blog or are about to start one, these ways will put you on the right track.

Most ways to make money blogging work in the long run, but there are also ways to get started this week. We’ll go through them all, but first…

1. What is a blog?

Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration to answer this question, but the word blog comes from WEB LOG. So no paper diary, but posting stories online. The idea is that new posts appear on a blog every so often. It is therefore not static, but often something that is kept up to date.

Blogging is something you do consistently. But the term ‘blog’ is also often used for ‘articles’. The difference between the two is that a blog is often time-bound and may become irrelevant after a while. An article, on the other hand, is not and falls under the category of evergreen content. The latter means that an article is still interesting for years to come.

Are you still working on setting up your own blog? I myself use WordPress for this, just like 35% of all websites on the internet. To get started you will need a domain name (such as: ) and a hosting with which you can easily install WordPress.

I myself use the Bluehost because they are fast and extremely suitable for WordPress blogs. Do you want to know how to set up your own blog? In my FREE 7-Day Start a Blog Course you can put your blog online within 20 minutes .

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Popular topics for a blog

If you want to distinguish yourself then the best topic for your blog is ‘yourself’. However, that will not always be the subject where you earn easy money. After all, it is not certain whether many people are interested in what you do in daily life (no hard feelings). Fortunately, there are plenty of topics to blog about.

The most popular topics for making money blogging are travel, beauty, and fashion, makeup, health, climate, and lifestyle.

If you want to successfully earn money with blogging, you would do well to choose something that you like and that you have an affinity with. Readers notice that too :).

The blog where you are now is a combination of my passion and something about myself.

This is where the readers for your blog come from

I think for a moment about the many travelers I meet who report on their travels on their own blogs.

Especially bloggers who have been around for a while, attract many ‘organic’ readers to their blogs. When you spend longer and write good things, Google knows that your blogs are interesting and they are placed higher in the search engine (= more readers).

At least you will have readers and this will increase with every blog you post. Every blog broadens the number of search terms on which Google displays you. For example, with my own articles, I am now also well found for the search term ‘make money with blogging. And also on thousands of other keywords through which readers end up on my blog.

Making money blogging will only be a success if you have enough readers. Think of a lower limit of at least 10,000 readers per month .

It’s not realistic to expect 10,000 readers on your blog in the first month (unless you’re known in some way). This is something that has to grow over time.

Many people start blogging but stop after a month. Sin. Because there are opportunities for those who persevere. My own articles on this website are read about 20,000 times a month. Before that, I was 95 blogs further.

If you want to grow faster, you would do well to write more and delve into how your blogs rank higher in Google by using SEO (search engine optimization).

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This is how you get more and more blog readers

When you start blogging and want to earn money with readers, it is essential to think about how those readers will end up on your blog.

Will you be sharing your blogs on social media or will you choose to wait for people to find you through Google? Either way, your blogs should be interesting to read. Think about what people are actually looking for and write a blog about it.

For example, this blog itself is about ‘making money with a blog’, people like you end up on this blog via Google. So it was written to answer your question and that organically produces readers.

If you want to get visitors to your blog via Google in particular, you would do well to write specific blogs . So instead of ‘world trip’, ‘travel in the south of Spain’.

The reason for this is that you are of course not the only one who blogs and it is more difficult to come to the top of the search results for general search terms. I myself also bet on the smaller search terms,a specific target group that yields you money.

My advice is to start passionately with your own blog before you start working on the financial side. At the beginning, there is simply nothing to earn with it (with one exception, which I will discuss in a moment). Focusing on that at that moment does not make much sense. Rather focus on quality content.

At the same time, it is of course good to delve into SEO so that your blogs come to the top of Google and to delve into ways to earn money with your blog. Do that for example with this free expert blog training.

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2. Ways to make money blogging

If you have visitors to your blog, you can earn money with that. I explain all the ways below. See which way suits your subject to achieve the most success in it.

Make money blogging through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an interesting way to monetize your blog. You have to do very little for it. So the step to get started is very small.

You can create an account on Google Adsense yourself and then allow Google to display (relevant) advertisements on your website with a piece of code. You will then be paid per person who clicks on the ad via your blog.

What you earn with this depends on the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is about buying a house, Google will show an advertisement from a housing website. A click on that ad can be worth a lot of money because there is simply a lot of money in that market. But on the other hand, if Google finds an ad for a pizza interesting for your blog, you won’t earn that much per click. After all, a pizza is not nearly as expensive as a house. So it certainly can’t hurt to think about this when you choose a topic/niche for your blog.

As an average revenue, you can in any case assume that you earn around 3 euros per 1000 visitors to your blog. That may not seem like much now, but if you write a timeless blog, this is income that you will keep as long as your blog is online. So with a blog, you build a passive income. 🙂

Make money with affiliate marketing on your blog

Affiliate marketing, you may have heard of it, there is a first time for everything. This is the way to make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing means that you tip a reader of your blog about a product or service. When that reader then buys the product or service, you receive a commission (money) for it. So you promote someone else’s product and earn money with it.

The differences between affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

Unlike with Google Adsense, you now choose which product you are going to sell and you receive money per product sold instead of per click.

You join an affiliate program of, for example, a large webshop and then choose relevant products or services that you want to promote. You then receive a unique link that you place on your blog that tracks whether a sale comes from you as a blogger.

The commissions for affiliate marketing can be high and this is my preference over Google Adsense. Depending on the lot, the commission varies between 6% and 50% of the total product price. Often the largest commission is on digital products.

High Commissions

High commissions can be earned with some products. If you recommend an online course ‘Gone With Fear of Failure’ worth 40 euros in your blog and you receive a commission of 50% (which is realistic with online courses), you will have earned 20 euros per sale. For the same 20 euros you will have to sell many more products with many other affiliate programs. So it can’t hurt to choose your affiliates well.

Learn about affiliate marketing first if you want to achieve success with it

Regardless, there are plenty of pitfalls people fall into when getting started with affiliate marketing. It is therefore not for nothing that one person gets a completely passive income from this, while the other gets stuck on a few tens a month. If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, it is important to delve into this.

I currently earn 3000 euros per month through affiliate marketing alone. The reason why I’m such a fan of it is because even when I’m not working, this money keeps coming in. Blogging is therefore also building a passive income.

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"New Book Reveals How I Built A 7-Figure Online Business Using Nothing But Ethical Email Marketing To Drive Revenue, Sales and Commissions...”

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Make Money Blogging for Business

We’re not done yet. You can also choose to remove a link and start blogging directly for the company that you had in mind as an affiliate/partner. This is really a trend!

With a blog on the website, a company can become more visible on Google and get more visitors. They also get more bonds with those visitors and they look more like experts when there are blogs on the website about relevant topics.

Blogging has become a business and you can get started with it yourself. I myself sometimes wrote blogs for companies. Prices for this vary between 200 and 500 euros.

I myself blogged for, among other things, Allround DJ Service. Since I started blogging there, the number of website visitors has increased from 1,000 to 15,000 per month. You can understand that this will also bring new customers and it has therefore been a very good investment for them.

So feel free to find a nice party and ask them if they are interested in your writing.

There is also another way to blog for businesses . Namely by selling a placement on your blog to a company. When you have a lot of visitors, these kinds of ‘advertorials’ are a strong way to earn money online.

Make money blogging in 2022

Over the years, a lot has changed in the ways to make money blogging. Affiliate marketing is still quite new. At first, it was not yet possible to trace who recommended a product and you were therefore paid for mentioning something. Now you get paid per sale!

Furthermore, you now have to take into account the privacy law (GDPR). With this legislation, it is mandatory to state that you place affiliate links in your blog and it is also mandatory to tell what you do with the user’s data. Not the nicest part, but mandatory from 2019 and therefore something to stick to as a money-making blogger. 🙂

Blogging is big business for those who know what they are doing

As you notice blogging is big business. The conclusion is that you can certainly earn money with it. If you are going for your own blog, then this is something you have to work on in the longer term. If you choose to blog for companies, they will pay you right away.

My preference for making money with blogging is affiliate marketing because that’s where you earn the fastest and the most.

I wish you every success with making money blogging. Hang in there and don’t give up. Then you are ultimately the person who laughs the loudest. Because once you have a large number of readers on your blog, the money comes in every month. Is it something for you to earn 3000 euros per month with your own blog?

More info? Follow my FREE expert blog training.

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